Flip n Link Money Game

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by Emines

Ages 8 & Up
For 2 Players

Flip' n Link Money is an engaging and action-packed strategy game. Players learn how to count coins while reinforcing basic addition skills. Simply add the value of the coins on the game cards and match that amount to the appropriate playing piece. To win, a player must strategically create a link of five playing pieces. But there's a trick! Players must plan ahead to avoid being trapped by their opponents and having their playing pieces flipped to the opponent's side. The action continues until one of the players creates a link. Players win with clever strategies and a bit of luck.  

The Flip ’n Link Game Series comprises 3 engaging and action-packed strategy games: fractions, money, and time. For each game, select a card, and match the card to the playing piece. Then attempt to create a link to win! The fun starts when players trap opponent’s playing pieces and then flip the pieces to their own color.  The Flip ’n Link games are fast paced and exciting. Each game challenges the players to think. At the same time, the games reinforce concepts of fraction, money, and time.  Each convenient game box serves as both storage tray and playing board. With our unique colorful game cards and 2-sided playing pieces, players easily understand and learn different representations of fractions, money, and time. Each game comes with an answer card, which allows players with different math skills to compete with each other.


36 Game Cards, 36 Playing Pieces, Answer Card, Storage Tray, Playing Board, Instruction Manual

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