Fish Card Game

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Fish Card Game

Ages 4 +
Players 2 - 6
36 Fish cards

Go Fish (also Goldfish or simply Fish) is a simple kids card game.

Fish Card Game Instructions:

Shuffle the deck. Deal each player 5 cards. Place the rest of the deck face down in the center of the table as the draw pile. On each turn, a player asks any other player if they have a type of fish card in their hand. The asking player must have at least one of these cards in their own hand. If the player asked has the card asked for they must give it up. The asking player’s turn continues until they do not succeed in getting cards. When a player does not have a card asked for, the player tells the other to go “fish”. The asking player then draws from the draw pile and the play then continues to the next player. When a player collects all four of a fish type they lay the set in front of them. The player with the most sets at the end of the game wins!

If, when fishing, a player draws a rank they did not have, they should ask for it on their next turn. Otherwise, they should rotate among the ranks that they already hold. In the more difficult variants, strategy often requires memorizing what cards each player possesses. Unlike many card games, Go Fish is very much dependent on the honor system; lying about the contents of one's hand is difficult to prevent.

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