Division Rap Audio CD & Book by Rock N Learn

Division Rap Audio CD & Book by Rock N Learn
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Division Rap Audio CD & Book
by Rock N Learn

Ages 8 +
Approx. 55 minutes
Made in the U.S.A.

Kids of all ages love learning division by performing along with D.J. Doc Roc. Positive lyrics, cool rap music, and high-energy action generate lots of excitement as students learn to solve division facts quickly and accurately. With these fun songs, kids discover what division is all about, solve story problems, use remainders, and even work long division problems.

Kids love Rock 'N Learn Division Rap. Once they've mastered the basics, learners practice solving division facts with divisors up to nine before hearing the answers. This is the perfect way to learn division concepts and develop speed and accuracy for solving basic division facts.

The comical, animated characters help students acquire a strong grasp of the concepts behind division. Students are especially excited to learn the relationship between division and multiplication. We guarantee you will not find a more entertaining DVD video or audio CD program for developing a clear understanding of division concepts, including an introduction to long division.

Award Winner:

Parents' Choice Award
Parents' Guide to Children's Media
iParenting Media Award
National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval
Kids First! Endorsement
#5 of Top New Winners Fall 2009, Family.com


Learn division concepts:

  • Intro Rap
  • What Is Division?
  • More Division Problems
  • Checking Division Answers With Multiplication
  • Parts of a Division Problem
  • Using Real Objects
  • Everyday Division
  • Division and Multiplication Examples
  • Remainders
  • Step by Step Remainders
  • More Division Problems With Remainders
  • Division Story Problems
  • More Division Story Problems
  • Introduction to Long Division
  • What About Calculators?

Drill division facts:

  • Divide and Conquer
  • Let's Split (÷2)
  • It's a Breeze (÷3)
  • Continental Divide (÷4)
  • RNL Train (÷5)
  • Divide Time (÷6)
  • Seven's Up (÷7)
  • Eight the Whole Thing (÷8)
  • The Great Divide (÷9)
  • Understanding Why You Can't Divide by Zero

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