Dinoland 20 Piece Tray Jigsaw Puzzle

Dinoland 20 Piece Tray Jigsaw Puzzle
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Dinoland 20 Piece Tray Jigsaw Puzzle
by Cobble Hill Puzzles

20 Piece jigsaw Puzzle
Puzzle size: 14" x 10"

Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous Era, these dinosaurs lived 65 to 144 million years ago, between the Jurassic Era and the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction Event, the last mass extinction that only birds and mammals survived.

Scientists do not agree on what killed all the dinosuars. Some believe it was an asteroid hitting Earth, or volcanoes erupting and blocking out the Sun. Others blame a rise in the sea level or climate change. We may never know for certain why they died - but we continue to discover new and interesting facts about how these giants lived.

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