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Cookie Shapes
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Goodie Games™ Cookie Shapes
by Learning Resources

Ages 3 - 6
Players 2 - 4

A tasty way to introduce shapes!

Spinners and double-sided game cards have no words, so even non-readers can play. Includes plenty of game variations. Also great for pretend play.

Stores easily in its own cookie jar.

  • Introduces triangle, circle, square, rectangle, heart, crescent, star and flower shapes
  • Lets kids match shapes or make patterns

Children enjoy open-ended creative play with Goodie Games. As children grow and learn, challenge them by adding a level of difficulty to these games and activities.


20 picture cards (red and purple borders)20 self-checking hidden shapes cards (green and blue borders) 40 cookies Spinner

Game 1 — Cookie Faces

2–4 players • Ages 3+

1. Sort the purple-border cards by the icons in the corner of each card.

2. Give each player a card with the same icon.

3. Pour all cookies out in a center pile.

4. Say "go" to initiate the game.

5. Find the cookies on the card and build a matching picture.

Game 2 — Eight Great Shapes

2–4 players • Ages 4+

1. Spin the spinner.

2. If you spin a shape, look in the jar and try to find a cookie of the same shape.

3. If you spin the cookie jar, choose any cookie from the jar.

4. Take turns spinning.

5. Try to collect one cookie of each shape.

6. Collect all eight shapes to win.


Close your eyes when picking a shape from the cookie jar. If it matches, place it in front of you. If it doesn’t match, put it back in the cookie jar. Keep only one cookie of each shape.

Game 3 — Take the Shape

2–4 Players • Ages 4+

1. Put four differently shaped cookies in a center pile.

2. Close your eyes, reach into the cookie jar, choose a cookie, and place it in front of you.

3. If your cookie matches one of the cookies in the center pile, keep your cookie and take the matching cookie from the center pile.

4. Put the cookie back in the jar if it does not match any from the center pile.

5. Replace the cookie you took from the center pile with a new one from the cookie jar. The center pile should always contain four differently shaped cookies.

6. Keep taking turns until the cookie jar is empty.

7. Count the number of cookies you collected.

Game 4 — Cookie Match

2–4 players • Ages 4+

1. Place the red-border picture cards face-up in a center pile.

2. Take turns picking a cookie out of the cookie jar.

3. Take the top card if it matches the cookie. Place the cookie atop the card and set both in front of you.

4. If the cookie does not match the top card, keep the cookie. You may use it to make a match on another turn.

5. It is now the next player’s turn.

6. Play until one player collects three cards with three matching cookies.


Try picking cookies from the cookie jar with your eyes closed!

Game 5 — Shape up

2–4 players • Ages 5+

Warm-up activity: Look for the hidden shapes on the green-border cards. After discussing the shapes, take turns trying to pick cookies out of the jar that match those shapes.

1. Place the green-border cards face-up in a center pile.

2. Each player chooses three different cookies from the jar.

3. All players check if their cookies match shapes found on the top card.

4. If a player has a cookie that matches any shape, that player says "match," takes the card, and checks the blue-border side to see if the match is correct.

5. If the match is correct, the player keeps the card and chooses another cookie from the jar. If the match is not correct, return the card to the center pile until a correct match is found.

6. Play until all the cards are collected.

7. Count the number of cards you collected.


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