Cat and Mouse Idioms Last One Standing Game

Last One Standing Game, Cat and Mouse (Idioms)
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Last One Standing Game, Cat and Mouse (The Idioms Game)

Ages 6 +
Grade 1 +
Players 2 - 5
Title One Approved!

A fun and easy way for students to learn and practice basic language arts skills!

Two ways to play!

In each round, there's only one lucky player whose card stands alone. Will it be you?

Players read idioms on their cards to see if another player has the matching literal meaning. The player without a match wins the round and collects the cards. You'll want to keep playing until the cows come home to see who wins the most rounds!

Or, if you think that's a piece of cake, try laying the cards on the table for all players to see. The first player to find the card without a match wins the round!


Each game includes 200 cards, plus directions

Numerous federal programs support the cornerstone requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act. This product meets these requirements.

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