Big Spelling 1-3 Software & Workbook

Big Spelling 1-3 Software and Workbook
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Big Spelling 1-3 Software and Workbook
by School Zone Publishing

Ages 6 - 9
Grades 1 - 3
320 page workbook and 1 CD-ROM
Whiteboard Friendly

Help your child grow into a great speller with this software and workbook combination.

They’re designed to advance first and second graders’ spelling skills while reinforcing and reviewing skills for third
graders. Together, this dynamic duo provides the perfect pairing of traditional practice and today’s high-tech learning!

Big Spelling 1-3 Workbook – This supersized, 320-page workbook is packed with fun-filled exercises, colorful illustrations,
and simple directions
for hours of learning letters and words. For example, The Great Longo is a moose magician who
makes long vowel words. The engaging lessons and word puzzles focus on essential spelling skills, including word
recognition, letter sounds, spelling patterns, and more. An Answer Key is available online at the School Zone website.
The workbook also comes with “admission” to the Golden Scholar Club, including free download of a delightful children’s

Workbook Features & Benefits

• Colorful, high-energy graphics
• Tear-out pages make great individual worksheets
• Color-coded skills sections

Spelling 1-2 Software – Your child will have the opportunity to spell more than 2,000 first and second grade level words.
A built-in tutor
adjusts the level of difficulty to support increasing spelling proficiency. This Spelling 1-2 software also allows
personal spelling word lists to be added, and then those words appear in each of the spelling games. In the Sunken Ship’s
Galley Game, a skeleton chef cooks up soup and fun, as kids see words, hear them, then type them. Young spellers can
also try the Coral Reef word puzzle game. Put the letters in the right order to spell the word correctly. The fish band will
play a happy tune if your child can unscramble every word. In Neptune’s Cave, misspelled words are mixed
in with the
correct spellings, and players must choose the correctly spelled word. In all three games, right answers result in releasing
trapped fish and winning “lagoon prizes” that enable users to create a special underwater world. To experience the quality
of this software, watch the video clip below.

Software Features & Benefits

Easy navigation and creative concepts

• Immediate praise and correction
• Spelling drills become transparent and game-like
• Interactive whiteboard-friendly
• Golden Scholar Club free download information

Combo skills:
letter recognition; letter sounds; spelling patterns; beginning sounds; ending sounds; consonants; short
vowels; long
vowels; words ending in y; words with a, ai, ay, o, oa, ow; silent letters; contractions; compound words; plurals;
words with ing; prefixes; suffixes; blends; combinations

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