Basic Sight Words Flash Cards CD Software

Basic Sight Words CD Software
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Basic Sight Words CD Software

Ages 7 +
Grade Level: 2 - 12
Interest Level: 2 - 12

Basic Sight Words software - helping students master the identification of commonly used words.

Take students on an interactive ride as they learn 220 essential sight words! The Basic Sight Words Software combines text, pictures, and speech to familiarize students with important words.

Instruction Mode links the cards with pre-recorded speech. Just click the "Flip Card" button and the computer reads a sentence with the sight word highlighted. Students can even record their speech! Multiple-Choice Mode allows students to read the sight word, and then select the corresponding speech from three choices.

The teacher can determine the words presented to each student; the computer tracks student quiz scores. You can even print extra flash cards for additional practice!

Requirements: Windows XP or later and Macintosh (Intel processor) OS 10.5 or later. Touch screen and switch compatible. 512MB RAM. Single User.

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