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Basic Multiplication Dice
by Kaplow Games

Set of 5 Polyhedron Dice
Ages 8 +
Grades 3rd +

One 6-sided die marked 1-3 twice, one 6-sided die marked 1-6, one 20-sided die marked 1-20, one die marked for multiplication on all sides, and one 6-sided die with an equal sign (=) on all sides.


Roll the hexahedron marked 1 - 3 with the hexahedron marked 1 - 6 and the multiplication hexahedron. Then complete the equation using the remaining equal sign hexahedron and iconsahedron.

The cube is one of a group of solid shapes known as Platonic Solids, named after the Greek philosopher Plato who first studied them. A better mathematical name is Regular Polyhedra. This group of solid shapes is defined by each face being a regular polygon (all sides and angles equal) and with each vertex (corner) having an equal arrangement and number of faces, all at equal angles. Regular Polyhedra make great dice because each face has an equal chance of being thrown as any other and can be considered as fair dice.

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