Bananagrams Crossword Game

Bananagrams CrossWord Game
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Ages 7 - 97
2 to 6 players (or more)

Like Scrabble? Like word games?

This new game is a new spin that will create a platform for hours of family fun. Handy size and fully portable, complete with its own banana carry case, this game can be brought with you on trips, to the restaurant, or anywhere you may go.
The award-winning word game that needs no pencil, paper, or bulky board. FAST and FUN! One hand can be played in as little as 5 minutes. Play anytime, anywhere!
BANANA SMOOTHIE (For those who want to play a less hectic game) All tiles are placed face down on the table The letters are divided equally among the players, remaining face down. Players then play the regular BANANAGRAMS game, but there is no "peeling" or "dumping". The first player to use all his/her letters shouts "BANANAS" and is the winner of the hand. If the game ends in a stalemate, the player with the fewest remaining letters is the winner.
BANANA CAFÉ (Play in restaurants while waiting for service) The BANANAGRAMS pouch is placed on the table.  Each player takes 21 tiles from the pouch.  Players then proceed to play the regular game with “dumping” but NO “peeling”.  The first player to use all his/her letters says “BANANAS!!!” and is the winner.
Place all letters down on center of table.  Take 21 letters and proceed to play the game.  Only peel when needed.  Try to beat your own best time in using all 144 letters, or try making as few words to use all 144 letters. 
This can be a relaxing way of honing your Bananagrams skills.
Play the regular Bananagrams rules but words must be three letters or longer.  NO two letter words.

Award Winner:

Right Start Best Toy Award- 2004
TOTY Toy Of The Year Awards 2008 Nominee
National Parenting Publications Awards- NAPPA Honors
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio- Best Toy Award Gold Seal
iParenting Media Winner Award
Good Toy Award 2006- Play Matters Gold Award Winner
Dr. Toy Best Products Winner
Parent's Choice Recommended
Creative Child Magazine- Creative Toy Awards 2007- Top Toy Of The Year Award

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