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BBQ Blitz! Game

Grades Pre-K+
Ages Pre-Kindergarten +

Players 2 - 4

It’s a burger building bonanza!
Grab your spatula and dig into this silly, burger-slidin’ game! Includes barbecue game board, 16 burgers with 4 different toppings, 12 buns, 4 paper plates, and 4 spatulas.

Award Winner:
Toy Fair 2012 Parenting Magazine - Best in Play Parent's Choice - Recommended Award 2012 Good's 12 Great Games for 2012

How to Play:

1. Choose a plate and note your topping.

2. Use your spatula to flip the burgers on the grill and find the ones with your topping.

3. To win, be the first to fill your plate with burgers and buns on top!

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