Around The World Game

Around The World Game
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Around The World Game

Ages 8 - Adult
Players 2 - 20
Playing Time: 15 - 45 Minutes
Made in the U.S.A.

Award-winning global board game that takes players on a travel adventure around the world.

Trivia for the Globally-Minded!

Award Winner:

Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products Winner

Players are challenged to explore the world with us! the object is to travel around the world by answering questions correctly and gaining tokens to fill up your Global Score card. Players need to correctly answer three questions in each category to win. The first player to "travel around the world" and fill in their Global Score card wins. The more places you travel the more fun it is to play!


1 Die, 5 Player Pieces, 1 Game Board, 5 Global Scorecards, 25 World Bank Cards, 10 World Wonder Cards, 200 Category Cards, 15 Gems, and 48 Score Tokens

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