Alphabet Photo Cards

Alphabet Photo Cards
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Alphabet Photo Cards

Ages 4 - 5
Grades Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten
150 write & wipe cards (3"L x 3"H)

Expansive set includes at least 5 cards for every letter!

  • Reinforces alphabet awareness, letter sounds and everyday vocabulary
  • Features uppercase and lowercase letter, real-life photo and word on the front of each card, with unlabeled photo on reverse for practice and self-check
  • Supports early learners as well as ELLs and students with special needs
  • Works with word walls, pocket charts, and centers

Alphabet Photo Cards Activity Guide

Help children recognize everyday words and learn beginning letters with this handy card set, which includes at least five cards for every letter from A–Z. Cards are divided alphabetically by tabs for easy use and organization. The front side of each card features a real-life photo with the word and beginning letter printed in uppercase and lowercase. The back side features the image only. Use a dry-erase marker to write the word below the image. This will surely help students learn to spell common words and are a great instructional aid for English language learners.

The perfect addition to any classroom, these cards can be used in a variety of ways:
• Test your students with a quick flashcard activity
• Make an engaging word wall
• Incorporate the cards into your letter-of-the-day lessons
• Use the cards in a pocket chart for endless activities

Note: Test your dry- or wet-erase marker on the corner of a card to ensure that it won’t leave a permanent mark. Do not saturate the cards with water when erasing wet-erase marks. Too much water will warp the cards.

What's in the Box?

150 write & wipe cards (3"L x 3"H) in storage box with Activity Guide

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