Allowance Money Game

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by Remedia Publications

Ages 8 - 13
Grades 3 - 8
2 - 4 Players
ISBN-13: 9781930818132
Aligns with Common Core and State Standards

Allowance helps to reinforce money management skills!

It’s never too early for students to develop an interest in earning, saving, and spending money! With the Allowance board game, players take turns earning money with tasks like “mowing the lawn” or “cleaning the garage”, then choose—just like in real life—whether to spend it or put it into savings.

 Allowance provides a great way to teach young people about earning and saving money, as well as wisely making special purchases. Game cards indicate a task like mowing lawns and cleaning the garage. Choices are made, as in real life, whether to spend money on ice
cream, or put it into savings. Coin chips from one cent to fifty cents and currency from $1 to $5 are included.
- Players develop an interest in earning and saving money and making purchases.
- Game Cards offer tasks such as mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage.
- Choices must be made, as in real life, whether to spend money or put it into savings.
- The game is open-ended and may conclude when one player has no more money, when one player had $20 or more, or when one player has moved his or her marker completely around the board.


Allowance Game Board, Instructions, Currency, 6 Markers, Coins, and Take-A-Chance Cards

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