1-2-3 OY! Game

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1-2-3 OY! GAME
Ages 4 +
Up to 5 players or teams
10 Game Set

1-2-3 OY! Game Description: 

10 Terrific Math Card Games Enjoyed Around the World!

1-2-3 OY!™ dramatically improves math, strategic thinking skills, and confidence with exciting game play. Ten games including instructions have  numerous variations which allow for adjustments to suit the needs of any player, from pre-school to adult.
These are the most wild and fun math games you will ever play! Students love these unique card games so much that thousands of schools around the world now use them daily.  All games are quick to learn and play, and the instructions include tips for parents and educators. Use 1-2-3 OY!™ to master addition and subtraction as well as multiplication, division, and fractions, if desired.  Play and see immediate, dramatic improvements in counting, manipulation and strategic thinking skills, confidence, and teamwork.  Flexible rules provide for optional use of one or all of the basic math skills up to the sixteen multiplication tables. 
Both fast and slower games encourage players of different abilities and ages to interact and have fun.  They will challenge the gifted student and help the most math phobic. The instructions include comprehensive information for educators. Included are numerous variations which are easily adapted to players abilities and clearly defined by grade level, difficulty and speed.
90 Brightly Colored Cards
Instructions in English, Spanish and French
"Helps children have fun learning at home, school or anytime."

"Excellent skill builder, ...great boredom buster."

Edplay Magazine
"...helps put math back in the spotlight."
Discover Magazine

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